UFABET teaches online casinos


UFABET teaches online casinos quick play, more value, more security straight from our web.

UFABET teaches online

UFABET teaches online casinos quick play, more value, more security straight from our web. The prepaid withdrawal system also has a clear service with staff ready to serve you 24 hours without sleep.

You are not full of service. You will be impressed.

And want to come back to use the service continuously, widely providing service Can be found playing online

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Available to apply for both computer systems and smart phones in just a few minutes. You can access these online casino sites easily.

We have exciting games and games specially selected for you

which are full of many exciting colors. You can choose from over 100 games. Whether you Want to play exciting video slots,

online blackjack games

or great real-time Live Casino games? We guarantee that you will get the most entertainment in every game you play.

For today, we will take you to play the most popular game.

Is a game that can be played with ease Complicated rules Importantly, it is a practice of meditation.

Handicap Play equipment

Use wooden or plastic cards. For use in playing against normal points with regular points. The complete set of 28 cards is as follows

0 – 0 0 – 1 0 – 2 0 – 3 0 – 4 0 – 5 0 -6
1 – 1 1 – 2 1 – 3 1 – 4 1 – 5 1 – 6
2 – 2 2 – 3 2 – 4 2 – 5 2 – 6
3 – 3 3 – 4 3 – 5 3 – 6
4 – 4 4 – 5 4 – 6
5 – 5 5 – 6
6 – 6

How to play

  • Clear the cards (face down, mixed, or alternating). Arrange the stack up in rows as needed.
  • Take a risk with the dice who will pick the card first Which can pick up cards from any pile (Maximum, but will agree to pick up the order Or pick as you like in any division)
  • Other players gradually pick up different pairs of cards until the same number of wooden cards.
  • The person who scores 6 – 6 will share (place) the first card. The next person sitting will share the cards with the corresponding points on the head or the end. The tiles will be placed in the order of 6, and if there is no 6 points, the next person to sit will be the one. And that person has “gag” which means “excellent”
  • Place cards per point continuously The first card out wins the interest, but it can be agreed that the money is based on the price of the wood or the gas.
    If you are ready to enjoy unlimited fun, this is the game that you should play the most right now. And meet all the conditions that you shouldn’t miss

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